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This page covers useful stand-alone tools that can be booted from a CD or USB memory stick.

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Main section

Plop boot manager - useful if you can't get the BIOS to boot from USB and many other situations.

The following can be combined onto a single memory stick or CD:

  • Spinrite (licence required)
  • MHDD
  • Gold Memory - memory tester
  • memtst - another memory tester
  • MHDD - hard disk diagnostics
  • hdderase - secure hard disk erase

Rescue/Recovery Tools:

(More details on these in - Windows Secrets subscription may be required.)

  • Hiren's BootCD
  • Trinity Rescue Kit - text-based, designed mainly for Windows but also including a Linux command line.
  • Ultimate BootCD - text-based, with over 100 repair/restore/diagnostic tools.
  • SystemRescueCD - Basic repair/recovery tools in a hybrid tex/graphical Linux environment.
  • Ubuntu Rescue Remix - almost entirely Linux command line based, offering a range of open source data recovery, repair and forensic tools.

dban - Disk Boot And Nuke - hard disk secure erase


  • Sophos bootable Antivirus
  • Kaspersky Rescue - linux GUI based - periodically boot it to update signatures. Also useful for examining unbootable windows system.

Clonezilla - useful for backup and cloning hard disks.

Puppy Linux or other small live linux. Useful to have gparted installed.


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