This page gives a quick introduction to the mark-up language used in the wiki.


When creating or modifying a page in the wiki, most of the time you simply type the text you want. But there are simple conventions you have to follow to indicate a new paragraph, headings and lists etc. This page will introduce you to the most basic ones, but there are very many more which you can find in the Mediawiki Help pages.

Paragraphs and text

In order to start a new paragraph you need to leave a blank line. Without a blank line, text is assumed to be more of the same paragraph.

Itallics is indicated by surrounding the text by a pair of single quotes, and bold by a triplet of single quotes. We use these sparingly in the Resterters wiki.


Headings are indicated by a line starting and ending with (thesame number of) equals signs. More equals signs indicate lower level headings.


For a bulleted list, start each line with an asterisk (*), or two asterisks for a second level of bullets. Numbered lists are created in exactly the sameway except using hash (#) signs.


Links to other Wiki pages are indicated by double square brackets ([[ ]]). Between them, insert the name of the page, a vertical bar (|), and the text which is to be hotlinked.

A link to a technical term in the glossary is similar. Instead of the name of a page, insert "Glossary:" followed by the technical term.

Insert links wherever you can, to hep readers who are not as familiar with the subject and its jargon as you are.


These are just a little more complicated. The easiest way is to copy an example and modify it to suit your purposes. Most often, alternating images justified righ and left gives the best visual layout.

Uploading images

Creating new pages