How to edit a multilingual page

Simple rules must be followed in editing a page that has been entered into the translation system, explained here.


When a page is prepared for translation, special tags are added. If you add, delete or rearrange paragraphs you must leave the system to manage these tags. You must not attempt to do so yourself.

You can't edit a translated page. You must edit the source language version then retranslate it if necessary.


If you attempt to edit the source language version of a page which has been translate you will get a warning, asking you whether you know what you're doing. Don't ignore it unless you really do know what you're doing otherwise you will create inconsistences which may be hard to sort out.


Nearly all the pages in the Wiki are originaly written in English (though it is possible to source a page in another language and translate it into English). It is recommended that pages are only entered into the translation system once they are reasonably stable. However, minor modifications may be desirable to any page for which translation is a high proirity even though they may still be changing.

For translated pages, editing is not offered as an option, even for simple typographical errors. You must edit the source language page (if necessary) then re-translate the modified paragraphs.

Modifying a source language page

When you edit a page that has been translated into another language (fully or partially) or has simply been prepared for translation, you will notice that tags have been added looking like this:


Each paragraph has one of these on a line preceding it, and each heading has a tag appended on the same line. Every tagged paragraph or heading is separated from the previous and following paragraphs by a blank line.

Modifying a paragraph or heading

Provided you don't split it in two or modify its tag, you can freely modify a paragraph or heading, for example to correct a spelling mistake, to clarify it or to expand it.

Adding a paragraph or heading

You can add paragraphs or headings as required, preceded and followed by a blank line, but do not attempt to add your own tags to any that you create.

Deleting a paragraph or heading

You can delete a paragraph or heading provided you delete its tag as well, and ensure that surrounding headings or paragraphs are still separated by a blank line.

Rearranging paragraphs or headings

Simply make sure that you move the tag with the text, and as always, maintain the separating blank lines.

N.B. After any of the above

For any change that needs to be reflected in translated versions (i.e. not for a spelling correction or rephrasing), the page must once again be Marked for Translation (Special Pages - Translation). If you don't have sufficient privilege, please notify a team member who does. Note that it is specifically the current version of a page that is marked for translation. If any changes are made subsequently, the page must again be marked for translation.

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