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Ceci est le “style indicatif” pour le Restart Wiki. Toutes les pages doivent commencer avec un signalement du but de la page. Ceci apparaitra dans les aperçus quand on flotte au-dessus du lien d’une page.

Lors de la création d'une nouvelle page, veuillez également créer une page de discussion associée basée sur celle de cette page. on peut mettre b'impote quoi ci-dedans.


All pages should start with a summary, to enable the reader to see at a glance what the page is about and whether it is likely to give the information required. This is subtly different from the description of the page's purpose, given above.


Consider whether your page should include a specific section on safety.
  • if for example it deals with mains-powered equipment or high voltages
  • or if special care is required in handling hot or sharp tools
  • or hazardous substances.
Should we use a second icon for a second unrelated warning (taking care it doesn't collide with the first)? Also, check it doesn't steal left margin from the next section header.

Main section

A cat.

The meat of the page goes here, typically organised under several top-level headings.

Add pictures like this, each with a suitable description. Alternating them left and right can help keep them aligned with the related text.

N.B. All pictures must include appropriate licencing information. For ones you create yourself for the Wiki, please licence them under Own Work, Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 4.0 (CC-BY-SA-4.0).


Organise the information using subsections to make it easy to navigate.


A 3rd level of subsection may be useful.

External links

  • External links (if any) as bullet points.
  • If none, delete this section.