Talk:Slow laptop

  • Philip, you may want to make it clear right from the title that this page is about slow Windows computer, rather than slow laptop with any other OS installed. Once you've finished this page, we should do similar ones for other OSs such as OS X (happy to volunteer for that one) and Linux.

Good point, and I've edited the page accordingly. Happy for you to do other OS's - I have no experience with OS/X, and as for Linux, I thought the cure for all ills was to recompile the kernel, and if that fails, try another distro! ;-) (I'm sure there was an xkcd cartoon along those lines a few months ago but I can't remember what the main point of it was.)

  • What about RAM upgrades?

RAM upgrades are discussed under Preliminary Investigation. Some duplication under Reinstall or Switch to Linux - which is my next section to review. - Philip

  • 1Jul14: My brain is now pretty much empty. Open to others to refine as they see fit. - Philip
  • 2015-02-26 I stumbled upon Should I remove it, should that be added as an alternative or in addition to CCleaner? - David