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Maybe add some examples of social engineering? e.g. fraudsters calling and pretending to be bank staff.

Panda 2017-01-22 I deleted the sentence 'For a law-abiding private individual the threat comes almost exclusively from criminals.' as it is not correct. For instance the Investigatory Powers Tribunal has decided that we were all under unlawful mass surveillance until Dec 2014. It then became lawful as some guidelines were published, but clearly law abiding individuals are under surveillance threat by non-criminals. Also the Investigatory Powers Act gives some powers to the state to access and modify someone's computer.

pleriche 2017-02-11 Opinions differ on the extent to which a law-abiding citizen needs to worry about state snooping, and even if we could all agree about the level of threat to privacy that (for example) the Investigatory Powers Act poses, people will differ widely in their level of concern about it. The fact remains that state sponsored threat actors (whether your own or a foreign state) pose a threat which is different in both magnitude and kind to that of criminals. A savvy user needs to understand that, and do his own risk assessment. Expressing all that succinctly and in a balanced way is going to be tough, but I'll try!