Real name: Faraz Sayed ( Restart Profile )

Twitter: @nanoBorg88

London Hackspace Profile


I'm a maker that has learnt lots about electronics and microcontrollers such as the popular arduino. I like building strange and wonderful things exploring alternate uses of technology. I have a wild imagination and am on a path to invent some of the thing I've had ideas for. I studied Materials Science at Oxford University and graduated in 2011. A have been a science lab technician in the past and have a keen interest in all things related to science.

I am a member of the London Hackspace (near Bethnal Green) and Create Space (in Wembley) and am a co-organiser of weekly peer to peer Arduino and development evening, We call Create Nights (Meetup link).

I joined Restart in summer 2013 and have since been to more Restart parties than not. I like to find out how everything works, and I enjoy learning something new, I can do this at restart parties and also help someone fix their things.