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==Electronic gadgets==
==Electronic gadgets==
[[Extending the life of a device used mostly for web-browsing through browser choice.]]
How to [[extend the life of a device used mostly for web-browsing through browser choice.]]
===Feature phones===
===Feature phones===

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Welcome to the Restart Wiki! This is a place where those of us in the Restart community with experience and skills in mending appliances and gadgets can share them with those who are starting out, or whose own knowledge lies in different areas.

What it isn't: It isn't going to show you how to fix a particular make and model of device, which we leave to the various fix-it sites and many disassembly videos. You can also get help with a device on social media using #SOSRestart. Here, we concentrate on basic and widely applicable principles.

Who it's for: It's aimed at anyone with a curiosity about how things work and how to fix them. No prior knowledge is assumed. In the spirit of sharing knowledge as widely as possible, everyone is welcome to read it. To contribute, just become a volunteer Restarter in your community and contact us.

Like any wiki, this one is work-in-progress. Pages referenced below in red don't yet exist but are projected.

If you wish to reuse anything here, you are welcome do so under the terms of the Creative Commons ShareAlike Licence 3.0.

To find out more about the work we do, and our vision of changing the world's relationship with electronics, please visit us at The Restart Project homepage.

General Topics

Glossary of Terms

  • Glossary - explanations of all the technical terms used in this wiki (and some more).

Repairing with others

Techniques, Skills and Tools

Understanding how stuff works (or doesn't)

A Restarters' Training Session makes an easy introduction to the following sections down to and including Electronic Components. It consists of a presentation with audio commentary, lasting around 50 minutes.

Computers and home office


Computer Hardware


Electronic gadgets

How to extend the life of a device used mostly for web-browsing through browser choice.

Feature phones

Smartphones (except Apple)

iPods, iPhones, iPads




Home entertainment

Household and Kitchen items

Unfinished articles